Real Conversations Series

{Real Conversations With Women of God} A Series at Simply for One.

I believe in the power of our stories. While God’s word is the complete and absolute authority on what is right and true, He has authored a unique story over each one of our lives. When we are willing to share those truths, the real, gritty, raw and vulnerable parts of us, we unleash a unique power as the body of Christ.

We invite others into our lives and give them permission to speak their own truth. 

With my whole heart, I believe in the balm of grace, the beauty of authentic fellowship, and the joy that comes from a community of believers coming together to cheer one another on. We not only belong to Him, but we belong to one another, and together we travel this faith journey.

Being a woman of God, a woman who seeks genuine truth in faith, isn’t about a search for approval or a struggle in comparison, it’s about honesty – acknowledging that faith is not achieved through perfection, but is a step by step, often uphill, journey toward our prize – more of Christ. That is the woman I want to be.

The Real Conversations Series is about all of this and more. It’s about creating a safe place to share my heart and to welcome you to share yours. A few of my dear friends from the blogging community have joined me on this journey and have willingly poured out their hearts to share a slice of their story with you – with us.

We, your sisters in Christ, invite you into this safe haven. There is a spot at the table for you and it would be our joy if you would join us for some Real Conversation with Women of God…

Real ConversationsWho Will Be Beside You?

Real Conversations Series Introduction


Meredith - Profile PicBeing Independent Doesn’t Have to
Leave You Lonely
Real Conversations: Meredith Bernard   

Abby - BioPicThe Beauty of Belonging
Real Conversations: Abby McDonald

When Silence Serves Best
Real Conversations: Jessica Lauren

When a Closing Door Leads to Grace
Real Conversations: Jennifer Frisbie

We Are Your FamilyWe Are Your Family1
Real Conversations: Series Finale

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