A Bit About Tiffany

Hi there, friend. I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe that in order to invite you into this place to fill your heart, I first have to be willing to share mine. My desire is to do that with authenticity, honesty, and heaps of grace. Because let’s face it, without grace, all is lost.

In fact, I’m marveled by the matchless grace and goodness of my Savior in this life that can be messy, busy, and mildly crazy. Seriously, I stand in awe of how much He loves me, but I know with every piece of my flawed and imperfect heart that He does.

And you know what? He loves you too. So much. More than anything you walk away with from these pages, I want you to know that!


If you came looking for me on any given day, you’d likely find me tackling a to-do list I thought I’d remember so didn’t write down, and now forgot right around item #3. Yup! I love neat, tidy and organized, but most days, life just doesn’t look like that.

But…tucked into the soft corner of my couch, in my Southern California home, with beautiful weather, dark chocolate, sweet tea, and a husband and son I adore, well life is simply lovely.

I’m so grateful that of all the things you could do with this moment in time, you chose to spend it with me. Please know I count that a gift. I hope you’ll sit a spell, read a few words, and join me for some real conversation.

By His endless grace,


PS. If you’d like to learn more about my heart’s calling and the purpose behind the words on these pages, you can read more here. xoxo