Why We Keep Choosing Faith

I hardly know where to begin. The past 7 weeks have been a blur of highs and lows, peaks and valleys, all tangled up together. It’s amazing how life can do that, isn’t it?

In the middle of an ordinary summer day, a text lit up my phone. It said something like, “There’s this job. You should pray about it.”

My logical side quickly threw up a stop sign, while my insides went all gooey with excitement. What followed could not exactly be called praying. It looked more like trembling before God full of fearful, doubtful, what if, what next, and how could I ever questions.

Throughout that chaos, there was a still, small whisper, “This is it.” 

That word came after a long season of healing over the old and waiting on the new. All along the way, those cluttered questions have run through my mind as I’ve [really, really] focused my heart on being content where God had me.

And then, He changed where I was going.

In the face of insurmountable odds and confounding circumstances, we can so quickly count ourselves out, but faith says, "Keep going." God says, "Choose Me." | Faith | Healing | Hope | Spiritual Encouragement |

I’m the girl that encourages us to believe in God’s goodness, grace, and power. I love to rejoice alongside you when He shows up and does the amazing and impossible. For some reason, it’s much harder to believe the impossible is possible for me.

The truth is, time and again, I make God smaller than I should—so much smaller than He is. Why? Because cautious optimism is safer. Let’s face it, sometimes the impossible just feels too impossible…even for God.

For nothing will be impossible with God.
Luke 1:37 ESV

Not too long after the “there’s this job” text, I began the interview process for a women’s ministry position at my home church. After many long conversations, the actual real kind of prayer, and a peaceful confidence that [seriously] surpassed my understanding, I have accepted that position. It’s the start of something new—the answer to the “impossible” prayer.

In the face of insurmountable odds and confounding circumstances, we can so quickly count ourselves out, but faith says, "Keep going." God says, "Choose Me."

Don’t be afraid to imagine the impossible,
when we have a God who promises He can deliver it.

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But wait, there’s more…

Along those weeks of everything right, something was wrong. My body wreaked havoc, my head dizzy and full, a previously healed ailment rearing its head once more. The doctors shrugged with no explanation, much less relief. How can everything say “normal,” but not be normal at all?

There’s the tangle: restoration and joy alongside confusion and frustration.

I’ll be honest, keeping on in the face of adversity isn’t easy for me. My flesh longs for safety and predictability, but faith looks nothing like that. Faith isn’t easy or effortless.

Faith is risky, but it’s the only choice that makes sense.

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In the face of insurmountable odds and confounding circumstances, we can so quickly count ourselves out, but faith says, “Keep going.” God says, “Choose Me.”

We might be weary, but God is still mighty to conquer.

We might doubt, but God is still steadfast and true.

We may be insecure, but God still calls us chosen and worthy.

We may forget, but we are never forgotten.

I don’t even know how to end. It’s all still a blur, and I’m still sorting, sifting, and simply keeping on, while confusion and celebration hold hands.

But, this is what I know…We keep choosing faith. We keep choosing God. 

We rejoice when there’s cause and we give ourselves permission to grieve, and rest, and come undone when the world offers it’s worst. And for every moment in between, we [really, really] believe in the God who promises that the impossible is never too impossible for Him. Then, we watch as He delivers it.

“Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.”
Luke 1:45 NIV

By His endless grace,

Friends, in the middle of ALL this, time seems to be fleeting. This space and you are a treasure, and while my heart is to lay down words often, it may not be as often as I like. In the in between, you can find me on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest for community and real conversation. You can also subscribe to the blog here for posts direct to your email inbox.

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15 thoughts on “Why We Keep Choosing Faith

  1. So beautifully written. So much truth. I felt I was standing in front of a mirror that could see my heart. Thank you for your audacity to write truth we are sometimes afraid to verbalize. Thank you for allowing God to share with us the vulnerability of your life. I am encouraged and I am grateful.
    Blessings to you Tiffany. Truly nothing is impossible with God.

  2. Love, love, love this. I am cheering you on, friend. It’s not easy, but God is faithful. I am right there with you in the blurry, scary, I’m-not-enough struggle. But HE is enough. Thank you, Jesus!!


  3. Tiffany!!! I’m so excited for you!! God has this physical thing all worked out. I will be praying for you and believing for great things in your new job and in perfect healing in your body!

  4. OH how I need this right now. We are a few weeks from starting foster training. 6 weeks ago I fell and hit my head on the floor. It was not like my fainting or seizures in the past, but I wanted explanations for why I now have a concussion. This morning, after running tests galore, my doctor said my brain looks normal. He doesn’t see any reason this should happen again or that bringing in foster kids would be a danger. Now I have to choose faith and believe that God wants us to continue down this path. I related to every word here today! God is big!

  5. Your words are so encouraging and what we all struggle with at times. I have been following you on Instagram and didn’t realize you were on here too! Blessings

  6. Congrats on the new opportunity for you Tiffany! I know God is going to use you for His glory. You will be a blessing to many. I can understand the frustration with the unanswered questions to the physical ailment. I tell my caregiver, it’s my “thorn” meant to keep me on my knees:) Praying you will get some answers and a treatment that helps. Once again congrats on the opportunity. Keep the faith! Have a fantastic week and God bless, friend.

  7. I totally get this how God crazily changes our direction. 11 years ago I came back from a mission trip to PNG at 14 and I said I would do anything for God just not boys and that’s the one thing He brought to my path and told us both that we would get married and confirmed it. He was 8 years older and my parents were freaking out. We courted for five years till I was 19, but there were times that the whole thing was close to falling apart and we really doubted whether we had heard right. We just have to and had to keep choosing faith and seeing where God was taking us and we have now been happily married 6 years. Coming over from By His Grace Bloggers

  8. Dear Tiffany, I’m so grateful to hear how God is opening doors again after your long season of healing and waiting. Truly HE does work the impossible doesn’t He? And, I am so encouraged by your words to keep pressing on, even in the midst of the days that require resting or grieving. You are in my prayers, as I too offer my own unanswered questions for healing to Him. He will make things right, in His perfect timing! Blessings and Hugs to you!

  9. Beautiful post! Inspiring and encouraging! We keep choosing faith, we keep choosing God…for He is the One who always chooses us! Blessings to you as you step into this new position.

  10. Wow, Tiffany! Congratulations on your new job! It’s amazing how God works in spite of us, isn’t it? I still keep the card you sent me propped up on one of my desk shelves to remind myself, the one with the verse – “With God all things are possible.” I believe God will use you to encourage more women. I’ve been staying away from social media, but I will look forward to your posts here whenever it works for you. I pray the doctors will find out what is ailing you and will find a treatment with God’s blessings! May He give you health and strength each day! Blessings and hugs!

  11. Congratulations on your new job!!!!!! And, I do trust Jesus that they soon find out what is ailing in your body and you are able to feel well and enjoy your new adventure!!!

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