Choosing Joy When You’re Not Joyful

I made my way downstairs after an interrupted night of sleep complete with tossing, turning, and far too many thoughts. Coffee and something with frosting were the only coherent mumblings running through my weary mind.

A few steps into the kitchen, which per my bedtime routine had been left tidied, revealed that my family had beat me to it. Crumbs littered the toaster, dishes were scattered around (but not in) the sink, and something sticky was spread on the countertop.

I groaned and took a hard left toward the couch. Certainly, it would be more inviting.

The blankets carefully tossed in corners just-so were now in jumbled heaps, smashed pillows joining them. It was the empty glass left on the coffee table that tipped me over the line I was riding.

A joyful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22 ESV

Joy isn’t my default. I’m about plans and order, details and the absence of chaos. So, when things get frayed and frazzled, when the lines get blurred and messy, I’m not looking for silver linings. I’m not laughing it off or making lemonade out of lemons either.

I’m the one on the couch having a little meltdown. Little is better than big, right?

When Alisa Nicaud from Flourishing Today asked me to join her Choosing Joy series this month, I knew this story had found its home. Follow me over to her beautiful blog where I’m sharing 4 ways to choose joy when it’s the very last thing you’re feeling.

No, it isn’t always easy to choose joy, but I think we can easily admit, it is the better choice. How do we choose joy when every opposite emotion has been triggered? | Decision Making | Choosing Joy | Faith | Spiritual Encouragement | Bible Study | Christian Blog | Hope | Inspiration |

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